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DanDomain Shop API Documentation

We have started to move alle endpoints from API V1 to V2, to e.g. improve performance.

During this period of time, where we are moving the endpoints, we will have both versions running.
Furthermore, all new features in the webshop API, will be implemented in API v2.


API v2

Documentation for API v2, can be found here:

API v2 documentation

Note, that you can append “/admin/WEBAPI/swagger/ui/index” to all shop URLs, providing you the opportunity to work directly in your own shop.

Pro tip: Create an API key i the webshop admin, and specify it in the top right corner in the documetantion, and use the Swagger documentation’s built-in feature to test the endpoints.



The shop API contains the following endpoints. The endpoints can be accessed via REST(JSON) or SOAP.

Throughout the documentation there are code samples. This code is not for production use, but merely a hint of how to call the operations.